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The A – Z Of Manual Letters

manual letter features on client dispute manager for business


Writing a well-structured dispute letter in the credit repair industry is very important on your credit repair business plan if you want to help your customers fix or improve their credit scores.


A dispute letter is usually written to clarify and correct any misinformation on your customer’s credit report. That is why your letter should point out the disputes with some supporting facts or documents.



The good thing about the credit repair business plan is that, in addition to the default letters, you can add your own manual letter, giving you the freedom to add your own letter and use it in your disputes.


To add and check your manual letters in the credit repair business plan, go to the company tab.

manual letter dashboard on client dispute manager software


Then under the company menu options, click letter vault.

marking letter vault option


You will be routed to the letter vault screen, where you can see all the letters available to use. In this area, you can also add and edit your letters.

letter vault screen on client dispute manager for business


In the letter vault, we have letters for credit bureaus, creditors, collectors, respond, and manual letters.

letter vault option on best software for credit repair


Then over here are the manual letters.

manual letter option on credit repair business plan


In this section, you will be able to add your own credit bureau, creditor, collector, and respond to credit bureaus, respond to creditors, and respond to collector letters.

manual letters option information


Click the “add manual letters” button to create your own letter.

add manual letters on credit repair business plan


Then you will be routed to the add manual letter section, where you can upload and customize your dispute letter.


You can import or upload letters in this section by clicking the choose file button.


Note: Use.doc,. docs, or .text when importing your letters.

add manual letter section on credit repair software for business
choose file button on client dispute manager software


You can also watch training videos about adding your own letter for reference.

training videos on credit repair business plan


Over here, in the text box, you can add the title of your letter.

letter title box on client dispute manager software


Then here, you need to select under the letter category the type of letter you will be adding.

letter category on manual letter feature


Then here, in the text, you can add and customize your letter.

customize letter box on manual letter feature


We call these placeholders, wherein they will automatically populate your customers’ information.

automatically populate customers information on best software for credit repair


And here is where you can find the placeholders you can use to create your manual letter.

client dispute manage software manual feature


You can also add/upload your own image to the letter by clicking the add/edit image button.

upload image option


Then a popup box will show where you can upload an image


Note: The maximum file that you can upload is 10 MB, and it should be in jpg, jpeg, or png format.

choose file popup box


Click the save button once you’re done.

save button on client dispute manager software


All the uploaded images will be in this section, and you just need to select an image you would like to add to your letter.

uploaded images section on best software for credit repair


Then click the save vault button once you are done with your manual letter.

save vault button


Writing your own manual dispute letter increases your chances of helping your customers clear any negative accounts that affect their credit scores. But writing your own letter needs some special attention to ensure that you provide the right information for your disputes.

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