Meet our Happy Customers

New entrepreneurs. Established business owners. Nonprofits. They all use Client Dispute Manager to turbocharge their Credit Repair Business.
Free credit business
CDM has been a game-changer for me. It has different features that allow you to let the platform run the business for you.
CDM is your ticket to success!
Jason Edwards
Champion Financial Consulting LLC
When I started implementing the training and techniques from CDM my life went to the next level. Now, I feel free and I can help others.
Frank Jackson
Jackson Credit Repair
I’ve been using CDM for 2 and a half years and it’s a great tool for getting new clients and completing clients. I like the new 2.0, and the automation available.
Jamal Turner
Turner Business Solutions
It allows me to take my business to the next level!
With it’s automation and free training, it sets your business up for success.
Best decision I made!
Tyray Trice
P2P Financial Group
it’s really easy and simple to use.
I love the forms, the chat, their customer support, and free training.
The software is user-friendly and easy to use.
Walter Wildman
Wildman’s ADR Firm

More Happy Customers

This software has been nothing but great! such a great tool to assist in client intake , and endless results!
LaDrea Warren
Swain Things, LLC
It has helped me tremendously. Thank you to Mark and the crew!
Sham Lewis
Time Space Opportunity
It’s helped me tremendously with the workflow. It’s super easy to onboard my clients.
Cindy Labissiere
JSJ Financials
Client dispute manager has made my life much better by me being able to repair not only my credit but family members as well. We are now able to do thing that we were not able to do before this program.
Lawrence Myers
Innovative Acquisitions Corp

Has helped me create profitable business to provide for my family & have been able to help many people reach some of their financial goals by now having better credit!

Antonio Calzado
XSD Credit Solutions

CDM has always been the one for more me as far as support and credit restoration for my clients. i am 100% committed to my business and to CDM for helping me sustain my business.

Sharon Reid
We Care Credit Repair

I’ve been able to provide for my self and my customers valuable services that helps people in ways they didnt know where possible. I also am able to help my clients find errors on there account and purchase the home of their dreams.

Dominique Thomas
Foxx Consulting llc
With switching over from another system to this system doing updates for my clients has become a lot easier and doing the initial analysis. My client’s love the messages and how detailed they are for each update they receive.
Ciera Frazier
Frazier Consulting