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Prepare Your Dispute Letters for the Collectors in 15 Seconds

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A collector is a person who’s been given the authority and power to collect or manage a collection. If you don’t pay a debt, then the credit reporting agencies will say that the account is in collections. This might affect the credit score of your customer. 


Every day, many Americans get phone calls from debt collectors over debts they don’t owe and sometimes don’t even recognize. If an account has wrongly been reported as in collections, then you can dispute that information. You can also correct any inaccuracies in an otherwise valid collection notation.


That’s why it is important for your customer to get a copy of their credit report from a credit monitoring service. This is to properly identify the account in collections before disputing it inside a credit repair software.


Let’s prepare your dispute letters for the collectors using Client Dispute Manager Software.

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Here are the steps to create disputes for collectors using the Client Dispute Manager Software:


Go to the dispute manager.

client dispute manager software collector


Click collectors.

credit repair software dispute letter for collector


Under the Furnisher, choose the account you want to build a dispute letter for.

client dispute manager dispute


No need to fill out the following details:

  • Account Number

  • Account type

  • Balance

  • Date Added

The information will automatically populate after selecting the account you would like to work on.

client dispute manager dispute


In disputing with collectors, same as with creditors, make sure to include their addresses.


Click the address search to include the address.

client dispute manager collection


A box showing the creditors’ and collectors’ addresses will pop up.

credit repair software collector


Use the search box to look for the collector’s address.

client dispute Manager software training


Select the right address

client dispute manager training


Then click add selected address to letter.

collector dispute letter
Be your own boss. Set your own schedule and travel when you want.
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Next, choose your reason.

credit repair software dispute letter


You have 2 options in selecting the reason for your letter.


  • Use the default reasons that we do have inside the Client Dispute Manager Software

dispute letter for collector


  • Or create your own reason by clicking custom reason.

credit repair software training


You may also include instructions in your letters

dispute for collector on client dispute manager


Now, it’s time to choose your dispute letter in the credit repair software.


Choose Dispute Flow Letters and then pick your letter.

credit repair dispute for collector


After choosing your letter click add your dispute.

credit repair software collector


The letter will be prepared and will show up on the grid shown below.

dispute manager collection


Select the letters from the grid by clicking the check box.

software for credit repair collection screen


Click send to print button.

credit repair dispute


If your clients have negative collections accounts, using the Client Dispute Manager Software will help you manage your disputes easily.

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