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How To Make More By Doing Less, Automate Your Printing with Letterstream

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We all know for a fact that technological dependency nowadays is rampant. Most of us tend to use online platforms to make our job easier and faster. Inside Client Dispute Manager Software there are 2 ways to send out your disputes. Either you print them out and mail them in the post office or you do it online via Letterstream.


What is Letterstream?


LetterStream is an online printing and mailing company that specializes in sending all different types of mail, such as USPS First-Class and Certified mail. Whether you need to send a single letter or one hundred thousand, LetterStream has a quick and easy solution.


If you’re tired or not a fan of stuffing letters into envelopes all-night and dropping them the next day at the nearest post office, then this one would be a great fit for you. Before you can have the ability to send letters seamlessly, you need to create a Letterstream account to integrate with Client Dispute Manager Software.


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How to set up your Letterstream account?

Go to the company tab.

client dispute manager software letterstream


Click Notification/Automation.

best credit repair software letterstream


Then go to 1 click print automation with Letterstream

letterstream for automatic printing


For your reference, we do have 3 steps training videos in the credit repair software that you can watch to better understand how Letterstream works.

how Letterstream works on client dispute manager software


If you don’t have an account yet with Letterstream, you can click the link as shown below to set up your account.

printing using CDMS letterstream


Once you set up your account with Letterstream you may now integrate it into the Client Dispute Manager Software.

set up your account with Letterstream


Next, pick your mail type.

letterstream mail on client dispute manager software


Make sure to turn on Letterstream if you’ll be using it.

turn on Letterstream on best credit repair software CDMS
Be your own boss. Set your own schedule and travel when you want.
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Do not forget to test API connections.

API connections for client dispute manager software


How to use Letterstream inside Client Dispute Manager Software?


  • If you’re done setting up your account and decided to use Letterstream in sending out your disputes, make sure that print automation is turned on before you create your disputes


Go to bulk print.

bulk print letterstream screen on client dispute manager software site


See to it that print automation is on.

print automation using cdms letterstream


All the disputes you created will be in this grid table under bulk print.

bulk printing on letterstream


Select the letters from the grid that you’ll send to Letterstream by clicking the check box.

credit repair using letterstream


Then click send to Letterstream

CDMS letter stream screen


Learning how to use Letterstream in the Client Dispute Manager Software when sending your disputes will help you save time and money.


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