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11 Tips for Beginning Your Credit Repair Training

11 Tips for Beginning Your Credit Repair Training

It can be so hard to sift through the noise of all the specialists out there selling you’re their courses. Here, though, I am bringing you 11 ways you can start your credit repair training on your own, most of them from the comfort of your home.

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As you are doing your research for how to start a credit repair business, it is prudent to do your own investigations and begin your credit repair training from credible sources. This will ensure that you are starting a business you love, and are an expert in the field.


In the beginning cast your net wide; learn all you can about every area of credit repair. From disputing incorrect negative accounts, to dealing with repossessions, to building credit learn all you can about everything. Then once you have built a solid foundation, pick one area in which you would like to specialize. This will be the area you will focus your education and training.


You don’t want to risk starting a business and then learning the hard way the laws in your state or city. By focusing on your education in the beginning you will ensure that you are building a business based on ethics and the law.


As you are beginning in your credit repair training, I suggest you spend 80% of your time on education and 20% of your time on building your business. Once you have built a solid foundation you can switch your 80/20 and instead focus 80% of your efforts on marketing. However, do not jump straight into marketing, and finding customers, until you are an expert in the credit repair industry.


There are a number of ways you can find training on repairing credit, whether it is your own or for others as a business. Here are 11 ways you can learn about repairing credit.

11 Tips for Beginning Your Own Credit Repair Training:


hidden credit repair secrets

There are plenty of books on this subject. Head over to your local library and check out a few. Once you find an author that you learn well from, consider ordering a few of their books from Amazon. Of course, I recommend my own book on the subject, Hidden Credit Repair Secrets: How I Bounced Back from Bankruptcy. Starting with a few free books from the library is always a great place to start when doing any research project. And credit repair training is no exception.


A simple Google search will net you thousands – if not millions – of results on credit repair training. Perhaps you found this very article in your online research. Keep reading online articles on the topic, and never stop learning. Learning is never out for the pros, and credit repair specialists are no exception, never stop learning and reading articles. 

There can be a plethora of information for you in your credit repair training. I suggest you check out E-zine Articles online, as they offer a ton of information from a vast array of authors.

Online Classes

Reading everything you can is important when it comes to learning about credit repair. However, if you are also looking for credit repair certification, there are many online classes out there. Some will lead to certification which will look good on your website as you are attracting new customers. 


There are a number of online courses and workshops. Find one in a specific niche or strategy that you want to specialize in, this will help you to become a better expert in credit repair. Credit repair classes, whether online or live, are a great way to further your credit repair training.


While self-study courses are helpful, sometimes live training is better. If you can’t afford private coaching, then live webinars might be the best option for you. These can be a great alternative to live learning without the cost of travel or coaching. 


Some webinars will also offer a Question and Answer time afterwards where you can get some of your most pressing questions answered. Online webinars are an especially great way to further your credit repair training if you learn better from hearing the information rather than reading.


client dispute manager teachable

As you get more serious about your training, coaching might be the way to go in your credit repair training. Following in the footsteps of someone who has gone before you can certainly shorten the learning curve. 



While you might need to invest quite a bit in the beginning, you will quickly earn that money back by not having to learn the hard way.


Mentors and coaches are an invaluable resource in building your knowledge on credit repair. If you can afford it, try to find a company that has specialized in a particular area in which you need to grow and learn. Then look into a personalized coach who can propel you into success much faster than trying to learn it all on your own.

YouTube Videos

client dispute manager youtube

If live coaching isn’t in your budget, and your busy schedule doesn’t allow for live webinars, then streaming videos might be your answer. There are many videos available on YouTube, with plenty of information about credit repair training. Be sure you are taking good information from a credible source as you search through the videos.


I have my own YouTube channel, and if you aren’t a subscriber already, head over there now to subscribe. This will ensure that you are notified every time I upload a new video. You will find all the credit repair training you need on my channel. And new videos are being uploaded regularly so be sure to subscribe.


Instead of spending your next weekend binge watching Netflix, take that time to binge watch videos on YouTube about credit repair, and building a credit repair business, as well as specialized information in your desired niche.

Live Events

Search your local events calendar as there are a number of live local events happening in most major cities regarding credit repair training. Depending on where you live, you might have a number of options, or you might need to drive a bit. 


But don’t worry about needing to travel to far away conferences and all the expenses that go along with travel. Do your homework, and I am confident you will find a great local event you can attend with live credit repair training.


Another added benefit of live events is the networking that happens at these events. This is where you will meet like-minded people who understand what you want to do. Your well-meaning family members might not understand your desire to start your own business and work from home. 


But when you attend these live events you know that you are surrounded by others who get you and possibly have the same dreams as you have. This comradery is invaluable; make it a point to meet at least one person at every live event you attend.

Zoom Calls

finding leads

The internet has made the world a much smaller place. Even if you live in a small town and there is not anybody around who has done what you want to do with your business, you can still find the information you need. Look online, find the information you need. 


Get to know people in Facebook groups or other social media networks. Internet calls via Skype or Zoom are a great way to meet with someone regardless of their location or proximity to you. A reason Zoom is a great option is that you can ask if it is okay to record your session. This will allow you to reference the call again and again.

One on One Sessions

Follow in the steps of those who have gone before you. Is there someone that you have met who has specialized in an area that you want to specialize in? Ask if you can buy them a cup of coffee and pick their brain, so to speak. Most of the people, who have made it in a particular niche, did so by learning from those who have gone before them. 


And most of them want to be able to pay that forward to someone else now that they too have become successful. These one-on-one sessions with already successful credit repair specialists will give you personalized information from someone who has done the very thing you want to do in starting your own credit repair business.


client dispute manager software dashboard

Starting a credit repair business is just like any other business. There will be specialized software needed to increase your efficiency and allow you to scale easier. 


Of course, we feel that the Credit Repair Software: Business in a Box is the best option on the market. However, you can also start your business with Google Sheets, as I did when I started. And then upgrade when you are ready.

Either way, the Credit Repair Software includes valuable training videos that will teach you every step of the way how to start your own credit repair business. In fact, our credit repair software includes a number of the ideas already listed above. Use the link above to start your free 30 day trial today. 


Don’t waste another minute just thinking about starting your credit repair business. Get started with the software and you will be well on your way to not only starting your business but learning along the way through credit repair classes, free videos and other training as well.

Investing in these videos will greatly shorten your learning curve in your credit repair training journey. This will give you a head start as your start you own credit repair business, allowing you to reach success much more quickly than learning on your own.

Fixing your own credit

what are you disputing

People want to learn from others just like them, and your future credit repair customers are no exception. They want to go to the guru who has been in their shoes, and walked the path before them. 


By using these techniques above as you progress through your credit repair training, it is smart to improve your own credit. Through your own journey, you will be better able to help your future customers as they navigate the process of their own credit repair.


Fixing your own credit gives you validation that this process can be done. It also gives you a great way to connect with your customers and assure them that you can help them too. However, your learning doesn’t end with simply fixing your own credit. All of the learning sources mentioned in this article will ensure that you are giving your customers the best credit repair process possible. You don’t want to risk inadvertently making matters worse by incorrectly disputing their accounts.


By taking your education seriously and focusing on a few of the options above you can better specialize in your own credit repair business. This will ensure that you give your customers the best care possible when they hire you.


Just like an athlete must continually train, even after they have signed their contract. So too, must you train. This article has mapped out 11 ways you can begin to pursue, or continue to pursue, your credit repair training.


Regardless of your understanding of the credit repair industry, from brand new to seasoned expert, learning is never out for the pros. Whether you have just begun your credit repair training, or you are looking to specialize in a particular niche, there are a number of ways to learn about credit repair and building your own business.


As always, be careful who you are learning from. Make sure they are a credible source and know what they are talking about. Then learn all you can from them. Each and every course you take, article you read, and book you check out from the library can teach you one new strategy to jump start your business. Resolve to learn one thing from each source you check out, this will take you to expert level in your credit repair training.

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