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20 Steps to Starting Your Credit Repair Business

This comprehensive 20-step guide will help you start on the right path in having your very own starting your credit repair business. Not only that, but I have also created additional steps to help you grow it.

End the long hours where you have no control of your own time. Say goodbye to living from paycheck to paycheck, where you can’t even spend enough time with your family and friends.

Being a credit repair business owner before I started my very own credit repair software company and the author of the book “Hidden Credit Repair Secrets,” which was the #1 book on Amazon for SEVEN years in a row, I am sharing with you the knowledge to start your own business in the credit restoration industry.

It’s your time to take the step in claiming the life you want.

Let’s get started!

STEP 1: Why Choose This Business

starting your credit repair business

I know we all want to say goodbye to our 9-5 and become our own boss. It may seem like a dream, but the truth is, this is something you can attain. How do you make it happen? You either hit the jackpot in a lottery or start your own business.

Now, the latter is more realistic but starting your own business is not easy unless you pick an easy one; this is why the credit repair business should be on the top of your list.

Below are some reasons this is the business for you:

  • You can start it with less cost compared to other businesses
  • The whole business can be done even if you work from home
  • It gives you more flexibility when it comes to your schedule
  • You can start part-time and eventually do this as your full-time business
  • It will be an advantage if you did your own credit restoration before or you already have the skills
  • Be wherever you want to be and work hours that you choose without worrying about your finances

STEP 2: People’s Person and Dedication

The credit repair business is a good business, but if you want to succeed, you must have people skills and dedication among other traits that you need. People are at the core of this business because of the constant interaction.

Dedication is needed because of the multiple hats that you will be wearing when you first start your journey of running a credit repair business. In addition to being a people’s person and having dedication, you need to be aware of the following:

  • Being able to sit at a computer for more than 5 hours at a time.
  • The ability to be organized in handling multiple files at one time.
  • Okay, with talking with different customers with different personalities.
  • Have an open mind to learn more and grow your business.
  • Understand that this business takes time to grow.


Here’s a quick summary of the video:

  • Create a routine
  • Have a designated workspace
  • Take a shower and get dressed
  • Have a priority board that you can easily look at
  • Come up with a detailed To-Do List
  • Take breathers or breaks
  • Set the mood
  • Do not forget to eat or have some snacks and hydrate yourself
  • Have an end-of-day routine

STEP 3: You Must Learn How to Improve Credit Scores

client dispute manager software

Knowing your industry is vital to providing the services you offer as well as understanding your clients’ needs. If you have already experienced fixing your own credit, then you can already capitalize on your skills. All you need is additional training to become more efficient in improving other people’s credit scores.

Here are the useful topics you need to learn when it comes to improving someone’s credit score:

  • Understanding credit reports
  • Dispute process and strategies
  • Disputing with credit bureaus, creditors, and collectors
  • Rebuilding credit the right way

Other ways to expand your learning:

  • Watch videos, and join Facebook and other online communities in your industry
  • Watch online webinars
  • Attend conferences and seminars
  • Enroll in online courses (free and paid)

One of the best courses out there for you will be our very own Credit Repair Mastery Class. This is a ten-hour on demand course where you learn the A-Z of credit repair and get a Mastery Certificate at the end when you pass the test. For more info please visit https://clientdisputemanagersoftware.com/credit-repair-mastery-class-super-bundle

STEP 4: Know Your Startup Costs

Let’s discuss how much you will need to start your own credit repair business and the different fees you need to pay.

A fair estimate to getting started is at least $500; this is a reasonable fee compared to starting other businesses.

Here’s a list of fees you need to consider when starting your own credit restoration business:

Surety bond.

This will depend on what state you are in. Normally, it can run anywhere from 1% to 2% of whatever the state requires you to have for coverage for the surety bond. Visit the website of your Secretary of State or get in touch with them for information about surety bonds.

client dispute manager software

Licensing Fee.

This is the amount of money you need to pay to engage in a specific kind of business, including credit restoration services. Certain states will require you to pay this to register your business, and it can run anywhere from $25 to $100.

Online Expenses.

Other expenses you need to consider include website, hosting, and domain; this is especially true if you want to reach out to potential clients online and, at the same time, build your brand and credibility.

Devices and tools.

Having your own computer or laptop is important when you have a credit restoration business. Not only will you use it to manage your clients but also to store your files. Also, you need a printer that can print color as you will use this to print documents and letters. Lastly, having credit repair software like the Client Dispute Manager Software will greatly help you manage your business and your clients.

Learn more about the Client Dispute Manager Software and how it can help automate your business. Click here for the Free 30-day Trial.

STEP 5: Understand the Laws Around the Business, Starting with Your State Law

In this kind of business, compliance plays a big role for you to thrive. Being compliant means following all the rules and regulations in your State Law. Each state has its own rules and regulations for everyone offering credit score improvement services.

State laws will guide you on the following:

  • Requirements needed for running the business
  • What must be in your contracts
  • The right way to advertise or manage your business

You can go to your Secretary of State or Office of the Attorney General for more information.

STEP 6: Understand How the Federal Laws Regulate the Business

credit repair organization act for starting a credit repair business in West Virginia

Aside from state laws, you must also comply with federal laws. These laws are put in place to protect consumers and regulate credit repair businesses.

One of these laws is the CROA (Credit Repair Organization Act). CROA will help you to understand what you can and can’t do.

Here are some of the prohibitions you must know:

  • You cannot advise them to lie.
  • You cannot use a fake identity.
  • You should not misrepresent your services.
  • What to include in your contracts.

STEP 7: Map Out Your Business Plan

client dispute manager software

A good business plan will guide you through the different stages of your business. Since you are starting up, your plan can help you become more organized, focused, and efficient.

Below are the tips on mapping out your business plan:

  • Create a description of your company. Have a mission and vision statement.
  • Do Market Research and competitive analysis. Know your competitors and the services they offer.
  • Create a customer avatar with detailed descriptions. This will be a model of your ideal customer type.
  • List the services you will offer, their descriptions, and how they will address your client’s pains.
  • Have a draft or checklist of your launch schedule activity and your marketing plans. Learn more about the Client Dispute Manager Software and how it can help automate your business. Click here for the Free 30-day Trial.

STEP 8: Setup Your Business Name and Email

Your business name represents you and what your business is all about. Picking any name you choose is not enough.

There are things you need to consider first before finalizing your business name:

  • Check with the secretary of state in your state to make sure the name is available.
  • Make sure the name represents what your business offers.
  • Google search the name to see if any other company is using it.
  • Make sure the name is catchy as it will be with you for a long time.
  • Check the trademark office as well to see if anyone is using the name.

Once you decide on the business name, the next thing is to ensure you set up a business email address. Check online if the domain for your business name is available. If it is, purchase it as soon as you can.

Your email address should be a simple and recognizable name. Remember, a professional business email should be easy for customers to identify that it is from you.

Learn more about the Client Dispute Manager Software and how it can help automate your business. Click here for the Free 30-day Trial.

Benefits of having a business email include:

  • It makes you appear more professional and gives off an excellent impression compared to just using a free email address.
  • It increases brand awareness as it will remind them of who you are and what you can offer.
  • It develops trust and builds stronger relationships as it reassures clients that you are a legit business.
  • It provides a consistent form of communication as contacts can easily identify you.

STEP 9: Set Up Your Virtual Office

A virtual office is a service that allows companies to work remotely while still maintaining a presence in a specific area without having to pay physical rent.

Virtual offices can provide a wide range of features, such as a mailing address, a receptionist, phone and voicemail services, printing and fax services, and even meeting rooms

Here are the advantages of having a virtual office:

  • Get a real business address. You can also use the virtual office as your company’s official registered address.
  • Customers Trust and Office Location. When a customer looks up your location, having a prime business address can make a big difference.
  • Conduct Meetings in a Real Office Space. When you need to meet a new client, you can access formal meeting spaces where clients will feel comfortable and relaxed. You’ll also be able to access a range of office equipment if needed.
  • Can set up mail handling and mail forwarding.

You can also check https://www.ipmcinc.com/ or other similar platforms if you are interested in getting your own Virtual Office

STEP 10: Picking Your Business Structure

There are different types of business structures to choose from. It is crucial that you decide which one you need as it will impact your operations, taxes, and your personal liability protection. This is a decision that you must make before you register your business.

Below are the different business structures:

Informal Business Structure: Sole Proprietorship and Partnership

  • This is best for businesses with a smaller customer base and has low-risk or low-profit ideas.
  • Advantages: low-cost and suitable for testing low-risk businesses
  • Disadvantages: no personal liability protection, zero tax benefits, limited growth

Formal Business Structure: LLC and Corporation

  • This is best for businesses with a larger customer base and with a higher risk of liability or loss
  • Advantages: personality liability protection, increased growth potential, tax benefits
  • Disadvantages: more regulations and upkeep costs
client dispute manager software

Learn more about the Client Dispute Manager Software and how it can help automate your business. Click here for the Free 30-day Trial.

STEP 11: Form your Brand

Whether your business is big or small, forming your brand is one of the most vital aspects you need to focus on. Creating your brand and using it effectively can give you an edge over your competitors.

How to decide on your branding:

  • It represents your company’s mission.
  • It reflects what message you want to convey to your clients.
  • It shows what qualities you want them to associate you with.

Here are some tips that will help you define your brand:

  • Decide on a theme. Pick your colors and your style.
  • Get a great logo. You can check Fiverr in case you need to have it done.
  • Create your brand messaging. Make a catchy tagline that captures your brand.
  • Design templates and brand standards for all your marketing materials.
  • Be consistent with your color schemes, fonts, and the overall look and feel of your brand.
  • Walk the talk by making sure you deliver on what your brand represents.

STEP 12: Have Your Own Website

Credit Repair Website Templates

Your business should reach your target audience and there’s nowhere better than online to do it nowadays.

Here are the reasons why you need to get your website up:

  • Higher visibility where people can find you easier and become familiar with your services.
  • Higher chances of acquiring clients as most people’s purchase decision starts online.
  • It shows your professionalism and credibility.
  • Your website has a lasting value as it will continue to work for you as long as you have it up.

Here are some steps on how you can build or get your own website:

  • Purchase your domain. If you already have one for your email, then use the same for your website.
  • Choose your hosting provider. Make sure they have high uptime rates and outstanding customer or tech support.
  • Pick a website builder based on the features you want to have and provide for your clients
  • Select a theme and layout that has an easy user interface and reflects your brand.

Setting up a website may take a lot of work and some basic technical skills. If you want to save time, you can choose a pre-made site with custom layout for the credit repair business industry. For more information https://clientdisputemanagersoftware.com/credit-repair-websites/

STEP 13: Subscribe to a Credit Repair Software Service

client dispute manager software dashboard

Running your own credit restoration business may take a lot of time. However, gone are the days where you have to do most of the tasks manually such as interviewing your clients, writing down their information and storing their files. Having a credit repair software will do wonders for you and your business.

Why you need a credit repair software:

  • Saves you time with the different features and automations available.
  • You can work anywhere as most credit repair software is cloud-based.
  • You can easily manage and nurture your clients within the credit repair software.
  • It will help you become more efficient and will even allow you to provide your services without actually being there.
  • Some of the credit repair software includes training that will help you grow your business.

Here are some of the top automation functions that credit restoration businesses, especially startups, love about our Client Dispute Manager Software:

  • Import credit reports directly in the credit repair software without logging into the credit monitoring sites.
  • Build a credit audit report that will only take a few seconds
  • Find all of the inconsistencies on a credit report in less than a minute.
  • Customers can sign up on their own while you sleep.
  • Send and exchange messages within the Client Dispute Manager Software .
  • Automatically notify your customers when their credit score improves.
  • Client Dispute Manager has one-click sending of your dispute letters so no need to go to a post office.
  • Your clients can log in 24/7 to their individual portals to check their credit restoration status.
  • Integrates with 3rd party platforms for more powerful credit repair software automation.

Learn more about the Client Dispute Manager Software and how it can help automate your business. Click here for the Free 30-day Trial.

STEP 14: Have a Contract Ready

Before you start offering your services, one of the things you must have is a contract. This is because some of the State laws, and Credit repair Organization Act require you, as a credit restoration company, to provide your customer with a contract/or agreement.

It’s very important that you understand the basics of a contract. You must know the terms and clauses that you need to place inside of the contract, before you render service for a customer.

What you must include in your contract:

  • Details or Description of Services
  • Terms of Service
  • Refund
  • Termination of Agreement
  • Arbitration Clause
  • Privacy Policy
  • Right to Cancel

There are contract templates that you can use as a reference. You can find them online and also in the Client Dispute Manager Software.

I am not an attorney and what I’m providing is information pertaining to contracts. You have to make sure you have an attorney review the contract as well as talk to one for legal advice.

STEP 15: Set Up the Email Nurture Campaign

Email is one of the most powerful platforms that can turn an interested individual into a potential client. Setting up your own email nurturing campaign will help educate your leads about your services. This will in turn keep them in a path where you can guide them to finally turn their “maybe” to a “yes” in acquiring your services.

Here are some ideas that you can use for your email campaign:

  • Share a relevant story that tells about how your services or your skills changed some else’s life.
  • Talk about what goes on behind the scenes like how you start your business or what’s going on right now.
  • Share your knowledge by addressing the most commonly asked questions on how to improve someone’s credit scores.
  • Feature a case study or a story that is relevant to the services you are offering.
  • Interview an expert in the industry that can share useful tips and strategies in credit score improvement.
  • Choose the right email marketing platform for you with features that will allow you to do drip campaigns and automations. A highly recommended platform is Active Campaign as it has a lot of features and great customer support.

If you think you need an email marketing guide that will teach you how to properly run your email campaigns and provide you with content that you can use, then you might want to check out my lead generation email nurturing campaign which is free in the Client Dispute Manager Software.

STEP 16: Automated Customer Signup

credit repair software client dispute manager software

One of the challenges for someone who is offering credit restoration services is finding the time to go after clients and get the necessary details. This is why having an automated system is such a big help, as it will make you more efficient and is convenient on both sides.

The Client Dispute Manager Software can automate customer signup without any phone interaction at all.

Here is how the process goes when you use the Client Dispute Manager Software:

  • Customer visits your website or landing page and fills out the website lead form
  • They will automatically be added as a lead within the credit repair software
  • If they are interested in your services, they can automatically start the signup process
  • They will receive an email with a link to the auto-signup
  • They will go through the contract agreement that you created in the Client Dispute Manager Software
  • Once they have signed, the agreement will be sent to them
  • They will fill out customer information
  • They will provide you with their credit monitoring details
  • They will upload the necessary documents to get your services moving
  • You will be notified of a new signed agreement in the Client Dispute Manager Software dashboard
  • You will also be able to track the steps your client has completed directly from the credit repair software

Your customer can complete the whole process online, on their own time, even while you sleep. Imagine waking up with a new client waiting and ready to use your services!

STEP 17: Grow Your Business: Build Awareness of Your Brand

One way to market your services and stand out from your competitors is to build a strong online presence. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to do this, as your social presence is really more about being active. What you need is knowledge of the platforms you should use and the right social media strategy.

The top social media platforms you should be on are:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Here’s how to effectively use social media platforms to build your brand:

  • Create your accounts on the various platforms with your brand’s theme, color and logo
  • Have a visual brand guide, which will also include the font style, colors and type of images to use
  • Keep in mind what your brand represents when choosing photos and videos
  • Establish a personality through your brand’s voice and tone
  • Create templates that you can use when posting, specific to the platform(s) you will be using
  • Create a content calendar and stick to your schedule.

Learn more about the Client Dispute Manager Software and how it can help automate your business. Click here for the Free 30-day Trial.

STEP 18: Grow Your Business: Become an Expert in Credit Repair and Teach Others

credit repair software for your business

A very powerful way to get the attention of the people you want is to have them see you as an authority when it comes to credit score improvement. This is not something that can happen overnight. However, even if you are new to the industry, you can still achieve this by using your social media to become a subject matter expert that your target audience will know, like and trust.

Here are some strategies that you can use:

  • First educate yourself about how you can help people improve their credit scores
  • Make sure that both your personal and business social media profiles project professionalism
  • Have a positive brand image and present yourself the way you want people to perceive you when engaging in social media
  • Share timely, relevant and industry-adjacent content that your clients will find helpful
  • Actively participate in discussions and find ways to grow your network.

To know more about products that can rebuild credit, visit this link: https://clientdisputemanager.com/register

STEP 19: Grow Your Business: Credit Repair Service In exchange for a Testimonial

There are more ways than one to grow your credit repair business, and one of those is to offer free credit repair services in exchange for testimonials.

Here are the reasons why testimonials can grow your business:

  • Testimonials create a more emotional and personal appeal for your business
  • What people say about you is proof of your expertise
  • 92% of people read testimonials before they decide to purchase or sign up for the services they want
  • What is being said in the testimonial matters; the more positive they are, the more credible you become
  • Your clients become your brand advocates.

STEP 20: Grow Your Business: Use Affiliates

client dispute manager software affiliate program

Creating your own network of affiliates can also help you grow your business. They basically send you potential clients without you having to really go out there and hustle for them.

Here are examples of potential affiliates in the credit restoration industry:

  • Accountants
  • Car salesmen
  • Loan officers
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Real estate agents
  • Tax advisors

How you can empower your affiliates:

  • Educate your affiliates on credit restoration; teach them the basics, so they can easily discuss it within their own networks
  • Create materials like videos or PowerPoint presentations on how to do credit restoration
  • Prepare a simple course that you can share with them, because the more they know, the more effective they can be for you
  • Nurture them and keep in touch; make yourself available in case they need you to assist them with the services you offer.


These steps I have created for you will remove the confusion over how you can start your own credit repair business. Go through each step and always assess the results. There is no overnight success in this industry, but with hard work and consistency, it is possible to rise above your competition even if you are new.

Remember that the only limit to your success is your willingness to learn and your fear of taking the first step.

So, do you think you’re ready to dive into the credit repair business? Of course, you are!

Learn more about the Client Dispute Manager Software and how it can help automate your business.
Click here for the Free 30-day Trial.

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