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What Are Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair Services?

Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair Services

Let’s be real, nobody wants to sit around and wait for their credit score to improve. Many people want credit repair services to show instant results.

Although the process is generally slow and requires a ton of corrective effort, it’s common for customers to get impatient. The disputing process can be lengthy, so what other options do you have?

Well, considering how negative item removal is the service customers most commonly seek, that’s what a lot of credit repair companies focus on. That’s why most of them offer Pay Per Deletion (PPD) services.

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What Are Pay Per Deletion (PPD) Services?

Pay Per Deletion (PPD) is a relatively newer type of service that credit repair companies have started to offer. PPD involves a credit repair company only charging you for the deletion of a negative item off your credit report. It is a more affordable and quicker alternative to full-service credit repair.

How Do PPD Services Work?

When a customer signs up for PPD services, they will typically not be charged upfront. Instead, the credit repair agents will work to delete, remove, or repair negative items on their report first. Only after the deletions are completed will the customer be charged. After the deletions, the customer will be charged a specified fee for every item deleted.

Although the specific terms of service differ from company to company, most reputable credit repair companies don’t charge a recurring fee for PPD services.

Should You Opt For PPD Services?

Paying for deletions only is often a much more affordable way to fix credit. However, it is arguably not as effective as other more organic alternatives. For example, disputing credit report errors is quite a lengthy and frustrating process, but it yields better long-term results than PPD. PPD charges, although much lesser initially, can also pile up over time.

Basically, the decision to opt for PPD services depends entirely on the value the customer is seeking. If you’d like a quick credit fix for affordable charges, it’ll be a good option for you.

Consult with a reliable credit repair consultant for more guidance.

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