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Steps to Removing an Inaccurate Charge Off from Your Credit Report

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Here is how to dispute issues on your credit reports with the credit monitoring bureaus if your credit reports contain errors or information that is no longer accurate.  Knowing the steps in removing an inaccurate charge off will be a big help if you want to improve your credit standing. 


Credit bureaus compile thorough summaries of their clients’ credit histories and make them available to potential lenders. Lenders use your credit score, which is based on various factors, including the credit report, to make decisions about your loan applications.

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Understanding Credit Reports

Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are the three main consumer reporting agencies in the US. Each credit reporting agency compiles its report on your financial history and bill-paying practices from this information. Despite their common focus on similar topics, the three reports occasionally diverge in minor details.


Additionally, the agencies may distribute reports to anyone with a genuine requirement for the information. For instance, creditors will look at your credit report or credit score, derived from the information included in it, to assist them in deciding whether or not to extend credit to you and, if so, on what terms.


If they decide to extend credit to you, they will also look at the credit agreement terms. Your credit application has a greater chance of being granted, and the interest rate you will be charged will be lower if your report is considered to be in good standing.


Your credit historical record is one factor that many different parties, including landlords, employment providers, and insurance companies, take into consideration whenever they make a decision.

Steps in Removing Inaccurate Charge Off

You can request and receive copies of the information credit reporting companies keep about you. After obtaining your personal credit reports, you should carefully examine them, remove the inaccurate charge-offs on the report, and challenge any incorrect information you discover on them.


If you are planning on making a substantial financial commitment, perhaps refinancing your mortgage or making a significant purchase, such as a home or a car, you may want to study the information from the key organizations promptly before making the commitment.


You can dispute wrong or incomplete items in your personal credit report online, through the mail, or over the phone, depending on how you discovered the problem.

Beginning a Dispute Through the Internet


On the websites of the three main credit reporting firms, you can file a dispute regarding erroneous information included in the credit report.


  1. Equifax: Browse Equifax.com. To file a disagreement, select the option that says “Submit a Dispute” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Experian: Browse  Experian.com. Go to “Disputes” and then click on the link that says “Start a new online dispute” to initiate a new disagreement using the website
  3. TransUnion: Please browse TransUnion.com to view the webpage. You can progress to the next step in the process by clicking the link “Discover how to dispute items on credit report,” followed by the button “Start Dispute.”


Beginning a Dispute Through the Mail

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You have the option of mailing in your grievance if you would rather not use the online method to remove an inaccurate charge off. After you have created a record of all the wrong and incomplete material that you want fixing or taken out, you should then prepare a letter in which you identify each required correction and the grounds that back up your dispute for each item.


Your letter should be addressed and sent to the address provided by the agency for disputing the information. Conduct a search on the websites just mentioned to locate the correct location.


Retain a copy of this for your reference. In addition, please send copies of any and all evidence you possess to support your claim. Keep your original paperwork. Include your credit report with disputed items marked on it; this could be helpful.

Getting a Dispute Started Over the Phone

Call the credit report agency that you believe has provided you with false information so that you get the dispute process started over the phone. You can locate phone numbers by going to the websites I listed above.

What Takes Place Following the Submission of Your Dispute

Within three working days of getting your dispute, the agency is required to either re-check the items you disagree with or erase the errors in the credit report. This must be done whether or not the agency agrees with your position.

If the information is removed from the credit reporting company's files

If the organization decides to erase the inaccurate information inside this time frame, it is required to do the following:

  • They must call you to inform you.
  • Provide a subsequent written confirmation, and
  • Within the next five working days from the deletion, it must produce an updated copy of the updated credit report.

If the Credit Reporting Company Decides to Carry Out a Reinvestigation In Removing an Inaccurate Charge Off from the Report

If the organization does not destroy the information within three business days, it is required to perform the following:

  • If you questioned the information after viewing your complimentary annual credit report, the company must finish its investigation within forty-five days (otherwise, 30 days, which can be increased up to 45 days if you provide the agency with extra relevant information during the 30 days)
  • After receiving your disagreement, you should get in touch with the creditor who reported your dispute facts within five working days.
  • Review, take into consideration, and send along to the creditor who submitted the information any pertinent information that you have provided, and
  • It must, within five working days after the completion of its reinvestigation, supply you with the results of its investigation, including a corrected report if any modifications were made.

Frivolous Disputes

Removing an Inaccurate Charge Off letter writing
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When you dispute something on the credit report, the reporting agency must look into it in almost all cases.


However, should the dispute be baseless or unrelated to the matter at hand, the agency is not required to conduct any further investigation. Therefore, if you dispute almost everything in the report, regardless of what you believe to be inaccurate or not, or you repeatedly ask for an investigation, the reporting agency may not be required to look into your dispute at all.


What Steps You Can Take If the Agency Does Not Respond to Your Complaint


You have several choices available to you if the credit report company does not reply to your dispute within the time limits provided for by the law or at all. Very often, they may try to stall.


Common stall letters:

  • A letter claiming your credit file was accessed suspiciously. Send the same letter with your ID.
  • A letter saying your request was illegible
  • They may also request more identification documents.
  • “Your request is ridiculous and won’t be investigated” is another common answer.


Dispute it once more. Make careful to include any additional facts you may have when resubmitting the dispute. There’s a chance the agency will dismiss your complaint as frivolous if you keep disputing the same mistake without providing any additional information.


To complete the report, a brief explanation should be included. You have the opportunity to add a brief remark, often called an “explanatory statement,” to your report if the agency’s investigation does not settle the dispute the way you wanted.

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