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How to Remove Medical Collection Account from your Credit Report?

How to Remove Medical Collection Account from your Credit Report?

Health and wealth is more related to how much effort you put into it. The more you take care of your health the less you would have to spend to cure maladies. Sometimes one sustains a serious disease or wound which needs to be treated right away. In this article we will discuss about how to remove medical collection.

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Medical treatments are expensive nowadays, chances are that if you have to have a certain procedure, it may cause a big dent on your pocket. From a dental filling to a hairline fracture, everything requires big money Your temporary health suffering could put you in financial suffering. 


Your insurance might not cover all types of treatments and that’s a problem. Your initial resolve should be to just pay off the debt.

For example, if someone is trying to accumulate their score to buy something big like a house, your medical debt could be a huge problem. All the medical expenses and bills end up in the debt collection agencies even before the legal process is complete. 


Even of the medical debts are cleared over a period after they had been incurred, it still takes a while.

But this problem can be solved, if a medical debt collector is reporting a negative account on your credit report, you can get it removed.

These medical debt collections are a source of income for the hospital you were treated in. One way to deal with this situation is to contact your insurance agency. The medical debt accounts should be picked by the company when incurred but if it hasn’t been, do make sure that your insurance should cover the amount.

Initial measures:

  • Firstly, keep a track of the debt collector
  • The hospital or medical center
  • Note the original amount of the debt and the current balance after interest
  • Read the inquiries, terms and conditions section of the debt report carefully

Sometimes filing a report doesn’t help you may apply the following tactics:

  • Do not offend the collection agency or even talk to them
  • Formulate your report (request) very precise, to the point, and politely
  • Send a certified mail
  • Save evidence i.e. make and keep copies of the request
  • Update your budget planner
  • Keep track of your requests

Set up a credit restoration consultation with experts or professionals so they may map out an action plan as per your situation. The attorneys will study the whole debt trail and that too without over the roof charges. If the consultants find a legal violation, they will make the debt collector pay back the settlement and you get paid as well.

Here are the steps to remove medical debt collection accounts from your credit report:

Debt Collection Advance Disputes:

The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) regulates that creditors and debtors have a 30-day period to respond to disputes and if the parties don’t verify they must delete your information from the credit report.


Validation Letter:

Send the debt validation letter before the debt collector contacts you, and through a certified mail. But study everything before sending the letter. As it may inversely affect your case.


Consult a billing advocate:

Like the article states before, hire a consultant so they may negotiate with the debt collector company on your behalf.

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