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How to Remove Bankruptcy From Your Credit Report?


Credit is an important part of an individual’s financial life. It allows one to extend one’s assets beyond one’s capabilities via the principle of the loan, which is a relationship based on trust. In this article, we will discuss how to remove bankruptcy from the credit report.

There’s an organization that keeps a record of a consumer’s credit transactions and publishes a detailed report based on it. This report sheds light on an individual’s personality in the eyes of a third party. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep it appealing and come off as a responsible, trustworthy being. 

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Have you borrowed more than you can repay? Are you scared that the third section of your CREDIT REPORT which delineates the insolvent BANKRUPTCY will scar your image forever? Will you never again be able to get a loan or a decent job?

What is the mindset that you need?

Think green! You need to acknowledge the fact that this battle is going to be a tough one. It is difficult to process but not an impossible one. With adequate agility and patience, you can get your CREDIT REPORT nifty and BANKRUPTCY-free.

Good question! What should be the first step? Removing the “traces.” In the third section of your CREDIT REPORT, negative items are listed along with your BANKRUPTCY filings. 


Make sure that your late accounts, charge-off accounts, details of creditors, and collection accounts are not listed separately but “included in your bankruptcy.” Why should this be done? Because these accounts can be used against you. They can inflict damage to your case of removing bankruptcy.

How can Federal Law help you?

Can you win against a huge corporate on your own? Maybe, but with Law by your side, you definitely CAN! Fair Credit Reporting Act offers shelter to consumers who wish to dispute against the credit bureaus and remove the ax hanging on their shoulders. Awesome! With its chapter 13 and chapter 7 bankruptcy provisions, you can file your case and REMOVE BANKRUPTCY FROM YOUR CREDIT REPORT.

What is the Procedure if you wish to wait?

This is the road most traveled. If there are no inconsistencies in your report that you can dispute, then the legitimate way to go is by accepting your bankruptcy as a whole and filing against it in court. Once your dispute has been taken into account, the next step for you is to “wait,” seven years under Chapter 13 and ten years under Chapter 7. This is what I meant by waiting. When the time allotted has been finished, the bankruptcy automatically falls off, leaving a void that needs rebuilding.

What is the Procedure if you do NOT wish to wait?

Yes! You can be clever about it and find your way out of waiting. This is a road rarely taken. Remember not to go awry and opt for false scams that might be temporarily effective but ultimately unstable. What can you do? 

Inspect your credit reports from all three agencies thoroughly and look for inconsistencies and inaccuracies in terms of personal information, status and balances. Dispute them cleverly and get your BANKRUPTCY removed.

The Importance of Rebuilding:

No one comes out of the battle unscathed! Remember that removing BANKRUPTCY damages your credit score to a certain degree. The important thing is rebuilding swiftly so that your report looks good in the eyes of the creditors and employers.

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