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How to Find Quality Credit Repair Leads

Credit Repair Leads

So, you have started your credit repair business, now what? Once you have taken the steps to start your business and you are ready to start helping customers – how do you find your customers? That is what we are going to discuss today: How to find quality credit repair leads?

There are so many aspects to finding quality leads for your business, and I hope to answer them all here. To see the many different ways to generate leads you can read this article here.

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Today we are going to delve deeper into where to find your leads, how to research different companies and types of leads, as well as what to do once you have these leads.

Where To Find The Credit Repair Leads

The biggest question most people have is where to start when trying to find leads. You don’t want just any list of names; you want quality leads of people looking for help with repairing their credit.

The biggest takeaway when it comes to lead generation is that there is not one singular and perfect way to find leads. You need to diversify your lead generation strategies that will all funnel leads to you every single day.

Do Your Research

When it comes to any aspect of running your business, you must do your research. Whether it is how to start a business how to run your business and how to learn marketing strategies – you must do your research. Now, how do you do that?

Well, within our software, Client Dispute Manager, we have an entire educational component about everything you need to know about running your credit repair software

And within the educational component of our software, we have entire courses on how to market your business. Once you know how to help with credit repair, your education doesn’t end. You need to continue to learn, and invest in, marketing education.

How To Research Lead Companies

finding leads

The fastest way to get new leads is to buy them. But how do you go about buying quality credit repair leads? There are companies out there that have mastered lead generation, do your research for these specific companies. And then you can quickly get access to quality lists of people looking for your services.

We work with certain companies that we have researched and know that they are quality leads – meaning people who haven’t already been called by dozens of other credit repair specialists.

So do your research and know that you are working with a reputable company. Where do you start? Well, where do you always start when doing research? Google! Search for credit repair leads and then follow up on each company that comes up in your search.

Types Of Leads

Call each one and ask specific questions such as how long have they been in business? Then ask how they acquire their leads? And most importantly are they selling you exclusive leads, so that you know you are the first credit repair specialist calling them.

When it comes to getting leads, not every lead is the same. There are different types of leads, some are warmer than others. If you have a group of people who are affiliates for you, they are looking for people that are your targeted audience. They know exactly who needs your services and then send them to you.

Think of other business owners who are intimately working with people who might have less than stellar credit. Who do you know who is a realtor, or a mortgage broker? These are people who work with people every day who might benefit from your services. Offer them $50 for every lead they send your way who signs up for your services.

There are also companies that run pay-per-click ads. These will be the most expensive type of leads but they can also be the most qualified leads. As you will see there is a wide range of prices for different types of leads.

Price of leads

price of leads for credit repair software for client dispute manager software

From paying for affiliate marketing to paying for targeted ads, the price of leads will vary a bit. However, paying for quality leads for your credit repair business will allow you to grow quickly with new leads every single day.

The price of leads can vary widely depending on how warm they are and how aged they are. Recent and warm leads can cost around $2-5 per lead. If you are paying less than a dollar per lead then these are probably older leads who have been contacted by other credit repair specialists.

You need to know what your conversion rates are so that you aren’t wasting too much money each month. So, if you are closing 10 percent of your leads then every $20-50 dollars spent in marketing within this strategy should lead to one new monthly customer paying $99 each month. As you can see, you can scale very quickly with great conversion rates even with your higher-priced leads.

Next Steps

You have these leads, now what? How do you want to contact them? This will be different for everybody. Some people will only want to communicate via email. Other clients might want the personalized service of direct phone calls. Still, others will like to be contacted by text or Facebook messenger.

You need to be sure you are familiar with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Be sure that you have permission to call everyone on your list before you start calling on your leads. Remember when you were researching the credit repair leads company? You will want to ask them whether or not they got permission to call or text these leads.

You absolutely must have permission to call or text each lead before you start contacting your leads. Once you have your list of leads, and you know that you are in compliance with the laws, and then you will need to have a system for follow up with each lead.

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There are quite a few ways you can follow up with each different lead. You can use an auto-dialer system to call for you and leave voicemails asking for the person to call you back. These systems hook up to your computer so you don’t have to physically dial hundreds of numbers each day.

You can also hire a VA to help you call each lead. This can help to qualify each lead and find the ones that are actually looking to improve their credit. Some people are just “window shopping” and are not actually looking to work with somebody. 

Using a VA to call and qualify each lead based on how likely they are to actually hire you, and if they can afford to work with you, is a smart use of your money.


In the end you might wonder, is buying leads even worth it? If you use your list of leads wisely and ethically, then yes I would say it is worth it. Finding quality leads will take either time or money or both.

You don’t want to waste either your time or money. So you will need to work to master finding quality credit repair leads. When you master lead generation and find quality leads, you will never go out of business as a credit repair specialist.

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