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Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About Collector Letters

creditor letter for credit repair business plan


A collection dispute is a letter that demands the collection agency to show proof that your customer owes a certain amount of money mentioned in his or her credit report. Your credit repair business plan should include some default collectors letters that you can use at any time.



Every day, many Americans get phone calls from debt collectors over debts they don’t owe and sometimes don’t even recognize. If an account has wrongly been reported as in collections, then you can dispute that information by writing a collector’s letter.


If you are just getting started with your credit repair service, you may find it difficult to create your own collector’s letter.


To check the collector letters inside the credit repair business plan. Go to the company tab.

company tab for credit repair business plan


Then under the company menu options click letter vault.

letter vault tab for best software for credit repair


Then you will be routed to the letter vault screen where you can see all the letters available to use. In this area, you can also add and edit your letters.

letter vault dashboard on client dispute manager software


Inside the letter vault, we have letters for credit bureaus, creditors, collectors, respond, and manual letters.

types of letters on latter vault for your credit repair business plan


Over here are the collector’s letters available for you to use.

collectors letter screen on client dispute manager for business


Under collector’s letters, we have general, campaign, and dispute flow letters.


General Letters


– These letters are used to dispute or disagree with the errors in your credit report, like: personal information fix, validation, and bankruptcy, to name a few.

general letter on software for credit repair

Campaign Letters


-These letters are more aggressive compared to other letters because they target derogatory accounts. And these letters do not follow a certain flow. 

campaign letter for credit repair business plan


Dispute Flow Letters

-These letters are in general, and they follow a certain flow. It’s a series of dispute letters in a certain order.


Then you can click this icon if you want to preview the letter before you use it.

preview option for creditor letter feature on client dispute manager software


You can also edit the default letters by clicking this icon.

edit option to edit creditor letters as per the credit repair business plan


You can also download the letter by clicking this icon.

letter download option on best software for credit repair


Ignoring the debt collector and not writing a collector’s letter might put your customers in a difficult position. The best way to dispute a collection is by sending a debt dispute letter to the collection agency and asking for the debt to be validated.


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