Apply The Secrets of Restrict Customers

restrict customer on client dispute manager software as per your credit repair business plan


Restrict customers is a software feature in Client Dispute Manager Software prevents other users from seeing or displaying customer profiles that do not belong to them which will help to work on your credit repair business plan.


If you have hundreds or thousands of customers in the software and want to assign some to specific employees without letting them know.


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Or if you want to see the other customers assigned to other employees, restricting customer access would help you a lot. The main purpose of this one is to let your employees focus on the customers assigned to them.


First, go to the company tab, to apply the restrict feature to your employees.

company tab on client dispute manager for business


Then under the company menu options, go to employees/outsourcers.

employee tab for credit repair business plan


Then you will be routed to the employees/outsourcers screen, where you can add roles and change permission for those roles. Permission means you can grant access to certain functions.

outsourcers screen on credit repair business plan


Then in this table, you will see the different roles you added and where you can select which role you will apply the restrict customer feature.

apply the restrict customer feature on credit repair software


To apply the restrict customer feature, go to the action/permissions column, then click the permissions icon.

permission icon on client dispute manager software


Then you will be routed to the permissions for role screen, where you can select the boxes to give your employee access to a certain feature.

permission for role on best software for credit repair business
Be your own boss. Set your own schedule and travel when you want.
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Then scroll down a little and look for the customers features.

customers features for credit repair business plan


And in this section, you will see the restrict customers feature. If you want to apply this feature to this role, just click the box.


Then just click the save button once you are done. The restrict customers feature will apply to all your employees with the same role inside the software.


Since you are the main administrator of the credit repair business plan, you have full control of everything, especially the things your employees can access in the software.


One of those is the restrict customers feature. The good thing about this feature is that you can monitor the productivity of your employees, and it will be easy for you to know the progress of each customer


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