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Multiple Ways the Manual Emails Will Help You Get More Business

manual email on credit dispute manager software


A manual email is different from an automated email. If you want to write something personal to your customer and send it to them manually using tools like Client Dispute Manager Software, a manual email is the best option.


It is because manual emails offer you greater control when it comes to exclusive content. We all know that email is important for communication, not just in business but also in our daily lives.


It is an important part of many online transactions. You can manage your emails when it comes to sending updates to your customers, announcements, promotions, and other stuff.


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A credit dispute manager software like CDMS understands the importance of manual emails. Hence, in the software, we have manual email templates that you can personalize and send to your customers.


In the credit dispute manager software, we do have manual email templates already that you can use. But you can also edit these templates.


To access and edit the manual email templates inside the credit dispute manager software.


First, you need to go to the company tab.

manual email feature


Then under the company tab, go to manage emails.

manual email feature


You’ll be routed to the manage emails screen, where you can organize your emails sent to your customers in the credit dispute manager software.


Here, you will see the manual templates.

manual templates on best credit repair software


These are the manual email templates of credit dispute manager software.

manual email templates on software for credit repair


If you want to edit a specific manual template, click the pencil icon.

manual email feature


Then click the eye icon if you want to view the template.

eye icon on client dispute manager software manual letter feature


Once you’re done with the changes you made to the manual email templates, you’re ready to send them to your customer. What you need to do first is go to the Customers tab.

customers tab on credit dispute manager software
Be your own boss. Set your own schedule and travel when you want.
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You can use the search box to look for a specific customer you’re about to send a manual email.

use the search box on manual email feature


Once you’ve pulled your customer’s profile, go to the send email column.

send email column for credit dispute manager


Then click the send email icon.

send manual email on software for credit repair


Once done, you’ll see the manual email templates.

credit dispute manager software


To send a manual email to your customer, click this send mail icon.

software for credit repair send manual email


Before you send a manual email to your customer using Client Dispute Manager Software, It would be a lot better to check the email first since this is much more likely to be personal compared to automated emails.


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