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Dispute Late Payments

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All right in this video, we’re going to talk about how to Dispute a Late Payment with the credit bureau. Dispute late payment with the credit bureau. Now you may ask yourself, “How do you do that? And why would you do that?” Why don’t you dispute a late payment with the credit bureau? 

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Should I Dispute A Late Payment?

Now I’m not saying dispute a late payment, I’m saying you should challenge inaccurate late payments. So if a late payment is reported inaccurately and it’s killing your credit score, you better dispute that. Because it’s going to damage your credit score, like no other.And it’s your right again to dispute anything that’s inaccurate on the credit report. This is the Fair Credit Reporting Act that’s saying that. This is not me. My name is Mark Clayborne. I’m the founder of clientdisputemanagersoftware.com and the best-selling author of the book Hidden Credit Repair Secrets available on amazon.com.

Dispute a Late payment


One of the things that I realized is that in order for the creditors to pay attention to you and to reverse that late payment, you have to show them and demonstrate them to them, that they errored and somehow in reporting that late payment. It was their fault. You have to show the creditors that it was their fault by reporting the late payment in an error.


You see, because late payments can kill your credit score like no other. So it’s your duty to show the creditors that they did error when they reported that late payment, it was their fault. And it wasn’t your fault. You have to show them that. You have to show them that, because guess what? You’re just a social security number to them and they don’t care. So you have to show them that. All right. Now, here’s what I did next.

Dispute a Late payment


Should you use a signature when you are disputing late payments? And the answer is absolute yes. Whenever you are disputing a late payment and are sending letters to the furnisher and you are sending letters to the credit bureau, you definitely want to use a signature certified mail return receipt. You can use the online version because you want to keep accurate records just in case you get a lawyer involved. 


You can say, “Lawyer, look, I’ve sent these letters out to the creditor and collector and look at the results.” So always sign these letters if you are working on your own credit report and you are trying to deal with inaccurate late payments. All right? Okay. Now, like I said, I want to give you this free gift just for hanging in here and watching this entire video.



I want to give you the dispute letter checklist. All you need to do is click the link anywhere you see inside this video. And I’m going to give you this free dispute letter checklist step by step, move by move. 

I’m also going to give you three powerful dispute letters that I used when I was working on my own credit report back in the day. And they worked for me. So nine times out of 10, it could work for you. Okay? You want to modify the letters to fit your own situation and make sure that they’re very factual.


Again, this is Mark Clayborne, best-selling author of the book. Hidden Credit Repair Secrets available at amazon.com and founder of clientdisputemanagersoftware.com. Hey, listen, check it out and I’ll see you the next time.

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