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Type of Dispute Letters

Type of dispute letters

What type of dispute letters should be included

Your credit repair business is going to depend a great deal on well-written letter templates that are effective. There are plenty of aspects to a letter that will ensure you are successful in getting misinformation removed from a credit report and ultimately repairing a person’s credit. 

Purchasing the right credit repair software that includes efficient and thorough dispute letters is crucial to the success of your business. There are six main categories of dispute letters that should be included with the credit repair software that you purchase. They are as follows.

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Disputing with Collectors

This is a letter you would send to a collection agency. The agency will likely have taxed on fees and added a high-interest rate to any account they have purchased. You will want to dispute the account and all of the fees associated with the account.

Disputing with Credit Bureaus

Disputing information that has been reported to one of the three main credit bureaus is crucial to improving a client’s credit score. A letter outlining the date, name, and amount that is incorrect is important.

Disputing with Creditors

Any charges that have appeared on a credit card directly from a creditor can be disputed before they reach a collection agency in many cases. You will want credit repair software that has letter templates specifically for this situation. If a creditor has already reported the information, you will need to send a dispute letter to the agency and the creditor.

Follow up Dispute Letters to Creditors, Collectors, and Credit Bureaus

It isn’t unheard of for collectors, creditors, and credit bureaus to ignore the first letter sent. You will want to have a selection of follow-up letters for each entity to make sure your client’s name isn’t shoved to the side and forgotten.

Escalated Dispute Letters to Creditors, Collectors, and Credit Bureaus

If the first two letters to an agency, creditor, or credit bureau have gone unanswered, you need credit repair software with letter templates that will escalate the dispute. You must be prepared to take your issue to the next level with a well-written letter that is capable of being tweaked to pinpoint the facts of your particular situation.

Threaten to Sue and File Complaints

If an agency is not responding to politely request for the removal of incorrect information, it may be necessary to escalate the letter to a threat to file a lawsuit. This is a tricky situation and you want to make sure the letter is written within legal parameters and is of course, effective. A letter template written within the law will help your business present a professional appearance while fighting to repair a client’s credit report.


A letter says a lot about your business and will often influence how seriously a creditor, collector, or credit bureau takes a request. You don’t want to risk sending a letter that violates the law or that is filled with typos and incorrect grammar. You want to present a professional letter that states your demands clearly and will be acknowledged. Choose a credit repair software that will provide you with the letter templates you need.

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