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Easy Ways You Can Add a Contract

client dispute manager software digital contract


In starting your credit repair business or any other business, it is a must for you to have a well-written contract. Using Client Dispute Manager Software allows you can add your contract and send it to your customer via email.

What is a contract?

A contract is the foundational element of every business. The term contract is an agreement between two or more parties that includes terms and conditions. It enables parties to come together and collaborate toward their specific desires and needs.


A contract can be either written or oral. However, oral contracts are more challenging to enforce and should be avoided, if possible. Contracts are important when you start your business because they provide better visibility to meet the duties and achieve objectives agreed upon per the agreement.


All contracts should clearly state the contract’s terms (when it begins and ends). It should also explain the obligations and duties of each party to know the nature of the services to be performed. And in addition to that, if the nature of the contract is an exchange of money for services, the contract should have a clear term indicating how much the contractor will receive and when the contractor will receive the payment in exchange for the service that he or she will be performing.


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How to add your contract to the Client Dispute Manager Software?


First, go to the company tab, then click digital contracts.

client dispute manager software digital contract


Then click add new contract.

digital contact on client dispute manager software


And you will be routed to this section, where you can edit and add new contracts. You can see the contract’s name here.

digital contract on credit repair software


Then you can put the contract information over here.

credit repair software contract


To make your contract-creating job easy, you can use the placeholders in Client Dispute Manager Software as they populate your company’s and customer’s information.


Customer Information placeholders.

digital contract on credit repair software


Company Information placeholders.

client dispute manager contract


Important Note: If you use these placeholders, they will automatically populate your company’s and customer’s information when you send it to your customer. So, you don’t need to go back and forth to your contract and edit their information.


Be your own boss. Set your own schedule and travel when you want.
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This is how a contract looks like when you use placeholders.

digital contracts on CDMS


Once you’re done, click the save button.

CDMS digital contract


To see the new contract you added, go to digital contracts, then click custom.

digital contract screen


For your reference, you can always watch our training video in the credit repair software.

credit repair contract

 Client Dispute Manager Software will allow you to control your agreements and help you to be in compliance.


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