IdentityIQ Premium

3 Bureau Reports / Scores + Identity Theft Protection

TransUnion - Equifax - Experian

In our industry Credit Reports are necessary for your clients. Our program, IdentityIQ Premium, is great for your past clients and even better for your new ones. You receive a generous payout every month for every client you have enrolled with compounding residual revenue. IdentityIQ is less expensive than other services that reward your bank account with nothing, yet includes credit reports and scores that refresh every 30 days from all 3 bureaus: Experian, Equifax & TransUnion. IdentityIQ Premium includes 24/7 IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION a benefit that will assist you with customer retention even after the credit repair process has been completed. This is the right product at the right price which not only benefits your client, but will benefit you as well. Our Platinum Members Benefits program is included at no additional cost. Just by clicking a button on the dashboard your consumer has access to discounted merchandise and services like Discount Movie Tickets, Everyday Grocery Savings, Rx Advantage Prescription Drug Program, Coast to Coast Vision Plan plus more. We give you:

Let us provide you with significant residual revenue each month, while your clients get necessary credit information and identity protection. There are no upfront costs to enroll your clients. Simply reply to this email or call for complete details.

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