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1-Year Access to The Client Dispute Manage Software

has the tools and automation you need to manage your business
(Valued at $2,388)

  • All of the core features.
  • All of the future automation updates.
  • All future updates.
  • The 2.0 Version with the new software design.
  • All new business and marketing videos added to the software.

13-Course Bundle with Over 150 Lessons
on Business Growth and Becoming a Standout Service Provider

(Valued at $1,939)

  • Credit Repair Mastery Class Super Bundle
    with Online Dispute Expert Summit 2021
    ($197 value)
  • Secret 5-Hour Interview ($97 value)
  • Credit Repair Business Mastery Class ($97 value)
  • Lead Generation Email Nurturing Campaign ($97 value)
  • Facebook Business Optimization Blueprint ($97 value)
  • Facebook Automated Lead Capture System ($169 value)
  • Affiliate Big Package ($149 value)
  • Top Traffic Secrets Gurus Don't Want You to Know Replay ($97 value)
  • Credit Repair Marketing Event 2020 Replay ( $297 value)
  • Roadmap to Six Figures 2019 ($197 value)
  • YouTube Ads Master Class ($197 value)
  • Advanced Dispute Letter System ($99 value)
  • Online Dispute Summit Replay ($149 value)

FREE Credit Repair Business Website
specifically designed to help Credit Repair Specialists like you connect with your target audience

(Valued at $347.00)

TOTAL VALUE OF: $4,674.00

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I created this special offer that will make you a...

part of the growing CDM family.

No More Monthly Payments so you can use your monthly funds to grow your business moving forward.

Unlimited Everything for a year including access to
ALL THE FEATURES of our Client Dispute Manager Software to help you save money while helping you provide the highest level of service to your clients!

PLUS we equip you with additional tools and resources to grow your business

1-Year Software Access

  • Get all the premium features of the software and any future features.
  • Access all and upcoming video training sessions for Marketing, Disputing and making the most out of the software.
  • Educational resources that will help you strengthen your business as well as engage your leads and clients.
  • VIP support through walkthroughs, chats and emails,

Access to Paid Online Courses

  • From Marketing Events replays to letter and email templates you can download and use. The paid training courses that cost almost two thousand dollars that you can get access to right away.
  • Includes the Credit Repair Mastery Class which provides a mastery certificate upon passing the course to help you build trust and authority.

One Free Website Included

  • Our professional, stylish websites are specifically designed to help Credit Repair Specialists like you connect with your target audience, schedule more appointments and generate more revenue!


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# 1 - Credit Repair Mastery Class Super Bundle

Credit Repair Mastery Class

Get 10 hours of pure credit repair training that you can access anytime you want 24/7. It covers the A-Z’s of credit repair all the way up to advanced strategies and is perfect for taking newbies from beginner to advanced.

Learn how to greatly increase your chances of success and make the whole process faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

For individuals who want to understand and learn credit repair and also get a Certificate of Mastery

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • 10-hour video course where you learn the A-Z of credit repair and be certified
  • Know more about the credit bureaus, credit monitoring and breaking down the report for disputing.
  • Learn the dispute process, advance dispute strategies and removing tough inaccurate items
  • Know about rebuilding credit and raising the credit score secrets.
    Receive additional bonuses such as flow charts, special reports and rebuild your credit products
  • Certificate of Mastery once you have completed the entire four modules of training.

Online Dispute Expert Summit 2021

Client Dispute Manager Software, credit master Mark Clayborne and 7 powerful speakers will teach you everything you need to know about disputing inaccurate information in this Online Dispute Experts Summit! During this replay, you will learn the most important lessons in disputing inaccurate accounts for a wide range of situations.

For business owners, managers or agents who want to be successful in removing inaccurate information from their clients' credit reports.

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • Save yourself time and effort during the dispute process, optimizing the efficiency of your business.
  • Learn to understand how bureaus and collection agencies act during the dispute cycle, so you can always stay ahead of them.
  • Become knowledgeable in all things credit disputing, which will help you improve all elements of your report.
  • Get industry-insider tips from specialists that have grown their own businesses to extraordinary heights.
  • Hours of high quality video and audio recordings from Mark Clayborne's live online event that includes all the slides and infographics used throughout the event that are available to be downloaded.

In this interview I provide an in-depth look at the essential aspects to starting, growing, and expanding a credit repair company. This is a 6-part interview that covers all the elements of building a successful business using the techniques that took him to the top of the industry.

This is for those who recently joined the credit repair industry and want to lay the foundation for long-term prosperity. You will learn the valuable lessons that will help you accelerate business growth, get more qualified leads and maximize revenues.

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • The course consist of the audio and transcript of all the available videos.
  • Learn the laws that regulate the credit repair industry
    Understand CROA disclosures and state requirements for serving customers
  • Learn to get the most out of your marketing budget using various platforms
  • Discover how to advertise your brand to generate qualified leads
    Create an effective sales pitch to bring clients in
  • Learn how to use dispute letters, as well as advanced credit disputing techniques

Understand the most complicated aspects of credit repair including your state and federal laws, contracts, sales, marketing, nurturing clients, and more. Me and the rest of the speakers will teach you best practices ranging from Running your Credit Repair Business for success to Credit Repair Strategies they don’t want you to know and Top of the line lead generation strategies that million-dollar internet marketers are using to bring in the cash.

The Credit Repair Business Mastery Class is for new and established credit repair business owners who want to dissect every cumbersome aspect of credit repair that may be bothering their business.

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • 3-day Pre-recorded workshop which is a must-have for all aspiring credit repair experts
  • Workshop can be described as an ocean of knowledge which is required by all credit repair business owners.
  • Includes topics on Credit Repair Mastery, Advanced Disputing and Lead Generation Mastery

This email marketing guide will teach you how to properly run your email campaigns and provide you with content that you can use to keep your leads engaged and build your credibility as you provide them information they will find priceless.

This is for anyone who wants to use the email platform but doesn't have the time and resources to create content that can nurture both leads and clients.

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • Instructions on how to put together your Lead Generation Campaign.
  • Includes email templates for for a 20-day class and also followup emails that you can schedule for the entire year.
  • 52 follow-up emails that you can send after the email courses which cover topics on credit repair, collection agencies, raising credit scores and rebuilding credits.

Optimize and grow your Facebook page to connect and get found by potential clients.

Having optimized my own Facebook Business page to generate 1000s of leads per year, my step-by-step video tutorials offer valuable insights that will transform your business!

Turn your Facebook Business page into a lead generation machine and boost your rankings on both Google and Facebook searches.

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • Our step-by-step checklist for higher Facebook Business Page ranking
  • 13 Videos of comprehensive training course featuring proven Facebook Business Page optimization strategies
  • Includes topics on Keyword Research, Competitor Research, Profile Optimization, Messenger Integration, 10,000 Likes Campaign and more.

Save time, money and effort with this online seminar that will have you bringing in leads for your business using the power of social media. The premium recordings will walk you through the entire Facebook Lead Generation process that can take your credit repair business to amazing new levels!

For business owners who want to fully utilize Facebook as a lead generation platform.

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • Step-by-Step Instruction from an Industry Leader on how to generate leads through Facebook
  • Easy-to-follow audio transcripts and slideshows on how to create lead forms
  • Learn how to create funnels and ad systems and integrate email campaigns to nurture your leads
  • Facebook video creation, key demographic targeting and secret lead capture forms
  • 3-Step Video Nurturing System and Facebook ad account management

The Big Affiliate Package teaches you the incredible secrets of working with the right affiliate partners that can send you potential clients. By learning to partner with businesses that work with clients regularly in need of credit repair, you can open the door for rapid business growth by simply creating the right partnerships.

Learn to generate unlimited qualified credit leads from your own affiliates

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • 4-Hour HD Online Video Workshop
  • 24 Articles to Build Strong Affiliate Partnerships
  • A Customizable Affiliate Introduction Script
  • Professional Affiliate Contract
  • Affiliate Nurture Campaign to Keep Partners Engaged
  • Follow-Up Affiliate Marketing Messages
  • Affiliate Infographic
  • Master Slides of the Entire Workshop

Watch this replay of my recent online event and discover how to grow your business fast without losing a lot of time with the 7 proven Marketing Plays. This is literally a roadmap you can use to take your business from struggling all the way to a pipeline of new customers through various Marketing step-by step plays that worked for my business.

For business owner who want to scale their companies to the next level and gain countless potential clients that can help your business grow in the future..

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • Over 7 hours of high quality video and audio recordings from Mark Clayborne's live online event.
  • Includes all the slides and infographics used throughout the event that are available to be downloaded.
  • In-depth discussion of the complete 7 marketing step-by-step strategies for business growth and development that worked for his business.
  • Additional bonus video and slideshow on how you can have the laptop lifestyle.

Relive the amazingly successful Credit Repair Marketing Event we had last 2020.

Receive premium HD video recordings of this 3-day event, where you will learn incredible ways to build your credit repair brand across the internet, while offering strategic offers that customers can’t resist.

For credit repair business owners looking to generate new, qualified leads through a variety of sources.

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • 13 hours of high quality video and audio recordings from Mark Clayborne
  • Includes a playbook and information slides that are available to be downloaded.
  • All about creating campaigns that are effective and efficient, bringing you more clients
  • In-depth discussion on all possible lead generation platforms to build a well-rounded strategy that captures every available lead
  • Lead generation strategies you can use in social media platforms
  • Listed to the best practices from various successful credit companies

This is the replay of my 2019 Credit Repair Marketing Event, which is the first ever in the industry. I and other renowned experts in the field shared our powerful lead generation and marketing secrets to help business owners take their business to the next level. In this replay, you will learn the latest and greatest lead generation strategies in the industry.

This is for anyone in the financial industry who wants to learn how to generate leads and convert them to paid customers.

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • Entire 3 days of the Roadmap to Six Figures seminar packed into 15 high-quality videos that you can keep forever.
  • The course has Mark’s Monster Marketing Playbook (digital version) which includes step-by-step infographics, images and powerful marketing techniques that are proven to work.
  • Learn how Optimize conversion rates by closing more sales with confidence and authority and Create offers that customers simply can’t resist
  • Harness the power of social media to maximize your brand visibility and recognition
  • Empower your affiliate partners so they can help you rapidly grow your business

A time-tested, proven, and unique system that is empowering credit repair business owners to generate leads at $1/day by spending only $5/day on YouTube ads. This powerful system is your gateway to learning and succeeding on YouTube and leveraging one of the largest social media platforms.

For individuals and business owners looking to generate more qualified leads even if they have zero technical skills or marketing experience.

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • Discover the secret webinar automated system that will capture the customers on YouTube.
  • Learn the 4-part automated calendar system that will move your customer directly into  high-converting email drip campaign and compel them to book a consultation.
  • Learn the little-known successful YouTube channel setup secrets that top YouTubers don’t want you to know.
  • Get access to high converting hot script sequences so you can shoot a YouTube video like a pro even if it’s your first video ever!
  • How to set up a winning YouTube ad campaign with two powerful placements to get the highest returns on your ad spend.

Add 20 advanced dispute letters to your arsenal for ridding your clients’ credit reports of inaccurate information. These letters will let furnishers (creditors, credit bureaus, collectors) know you are well aware of the laws put in place to protect you and your customers. It will also let them know that necessary actions would be taken if your rightful request is not granted.

These are letters that you can use alongside your standard letters to help you dispute more efficiently for your clients. The letters are an excellent backup plan to basic letters that fail to remove inaccurate information from your credit report.

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • 20 Advanced Dispute Letters you can use for disputing
  • 1 Hour Advanced Dispute Blowout System Video
  • Crafted by a reputable and trusted credit repair company with years of industry experience, our dispute letters are fundamentally different than standard, conventional letters

Learn the most effective credit disputing techniques, how to interview your client to learn the right information, and how to understand credit reports. This is an event that included 6 top credit dispute experts teaching attendees their secrets to successfully challenging inaccurate information.

For those who are looking to stand apart from the credit repair competition by learning the most effective credit dispute methods.

Here are some of what you will get with the course:

  • There are over 7 hours of high quality video and audio recordings from Mark Clayborne and the additional five guest speakers.
  • Includes information slides and audio transcripts that are available for download.
  • Learn how to interview your client to learn the right information before beginning the dispute process.
  • Understand credit reports to identify inaccurate information. Craft dispute letters that maximize impact.
  • Use our 6-Step Factual Dispute Machine process to help clients.
  • How and when to involve an attorney in the credit disputing process.

Let me show you everything you will get with our business-in-a-box solutions

1-Year Access to the CDM Software and 14-Course Bundle with Over 150 Lessons

plus FREE Credit Repair Business Website

TOTAL VALUE OF: $4,674.00

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