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Credit Cards for Bad Credit: What You Should Know?

For those individuals who suffer from bad credit considering credit cards for bad credit, also called secured cards, might seem like an ideal option to help rebuild their credit scores. However, before signing up for any credit card, no matter how appealing it may sound, there are five important considerations that consumers need to keep in mind before attaining a

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Credit Repair Software

5 Tips To Starting a Credit Restoration Company

Credit repair has become a necessity in today’s world. People who have been skating along with scores under 700 are getting a rude awakening that today’s economy requires much more in a credit score in order to get the best rates possible. Many people are unable to handle repairing their credit on their own. They need an experienced professional who

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Credit Repair Experts

Credit Repair Expert: Become an Expert in 10 Simple Steps If you have been thinking about embarking on a new career path in the credit repair industry, you may be concerned about the training. How do you become a credit repair expert? Is there a great   Deal of training involved? One of the most important questions you probably have

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Type of dispute letters

Type of Dispute Letters

What type of dispute letters should be included Your credit repair business is going to depend a great deal on well-written letter templates that are effective. There are plenty of aspects to a letter that will ensure you are successful in getting misinformation removed from a credit report and ultimately repairing a person’s credit.  Purchasing the right credit repair software

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